• eBay officially announces Bitcoin support for Braintree merchants

    eBay has officially announced it is taking its first steps into the cryptocurrency space by adding BTC acceptance support to its Braintree payment subsidiary. The announcement comes after rumors and reports of what seemed like an inevitable choice for one of the largest Ecommerce and […]

    Sep 09, 14'

  • German Händlerbund now an Ecommerce Europe member

    European Ecommerce representation association Ecommerce Europe announced today the addition of a new member to its ranks in the form of German online trade association, The Händlerbund . Ecommerce Europe is the association representing 25,000+ companies that sell products and/or services online to consumers in […]

    Sep 08, 14'

  • Alibaba plans for upcoming IPO, announces $155 billion valuation

    Chinese Ecommerce giant Alibaba announced recently its IPO plans more in-depth, including valuing the company at a record $155 billion. While being the biggest high profile IPO since Facebook listed itself 2 years ago, Alibaba valued itself just below local US rival and some would […]

    Sep 08, 14'

  • How much do social networks help with conversions?

    Social media is an important marketing tool for any Ecommerce platform. It connects you directly with your customer base and helps promote new products and service offered, but which social networks convert the most shoppers? A recent report was released by AOL Platforms and Convertro […]

    Sep 07, 14'

  • Kount to prevent fraud at a processor level with ‘Kount Central’

    Risk and Fraud management firm Kount recently announced the launch of its new product Kount Central. What makes Kount Central stand out from other fraud prevention systems is that it is developed to counteract and prevent fraud on a payment processing level. Kount Central can […]

    Sep 07, 14'